Get your legs trembling this Halloween with the scariest Wattbike workouts

Are you feeling brave this Halloween? Well look no further as we’re backing you to face three of the scariest workouts on the Wattbike Hub. 

From Trick or Treating to Apple Bobbing, the traditions of 31 October look somewhat different this year with the continuous fight of the pandemic so we want to bring some Halloween cheer (or maybe fear!) to your weekend with three of our toughest workouts.

5/5/5 Spike  

Looking to improve your Functional Threshold Power (FTP)? This Wattbike workout will work the body at the powers just below and just above your FTP, with a spiked effort at the end of each interval to improve your sprint powers. It’s guaranteed to give your legs a fright! 

After a 10-minute warm-up, you will undertake three blocks of 5-minute intervals, each separated by five minutes rest, but each one getting progressively harder until you are above FTP. The final 30 seconds of each interval includes a spiked sprint effort. This series is then repeated before the session concludes with a short cool-down.

Wattbike Hub > Endurance > 5/5/5 Spike


Two Bites  

Set to improve your body’s aerobic efficiency by exercising your slow twitch muscle fibres and resistance to fatigue, Two Bites will ultimately increase the duration you are able to sustain power - a necessity for those long endurance rides right?

This session starts with two, three-minute warm-ramps. The main workout is made up of two 15 minute efforts at 85% of your FTP which are broken up by a 30-second recovery. 

Wattbike Hub > Endurance > Two Bites


Solo Attack  

Solo Attack is the perfect workout to simulate the demands of a solo breakaway for 20km and culminates in a sprint to the line - this is one to turn up your favourite Spotify playlist and get in the zone (maybe even try a Halloween-themed cardio mix to raise your pulse!) 

After a 10-minute warm-up, you will attach from the group, and build up a gap on the chasing group. After a series of short climbs and recovery, you will sprint for the line. The session ends with a short cool-down.

Wattbike Hub > Cycling Simulation Workouts > Solo Attack 


Good luck and make sure you share your workout and tag us @wattbike. We want to see the spookiest paincaves!