The 3 Minute Challenge

Over the last few days at Wattbike HQ there's been plenty of discussion about getting stuck into our training plans for the coming year.  We've got diverse targets across the team in 2013 so are following different programmes, but one thing we all have in common is the need to establish some benchmark figures for our fitness.  And this is where we take on the 3 Minute Aerobic Test with the Wattbike smart bike.

The 3 Minute Aerobic Test is a great way to estimate aerobic capacity and gives us the figures we need to establish our heart rate and power training zones.  These zones are the foundations of our training plans and, with regular re-testing, we'll be able track our improvements as we head towards our 2013 targets.

If you're new to the Wattbike then we highly recommend that you join us on this journey by completing the 20' warm-up protocol followed by your own 3' aerobic test.  

We'd love to see the results from your 3 minute test so do post your results in the comment box below or via Twitter or Facebook. And don't forget to add them to the Wattbike Rankings.

Check out the most recent results from the Wattbike crew below (and see if you can spot the pro rider too!)...

We thought this might be a good opportunity to introduce some of the team to you and we'll have more intros in the next update, so here goes...

Rich - the guy who greets you with 'Have you done your session today?' rather than 'Good Morning'. He does a bit of road racing, triathlons and sportives. In a few weeks time he'll be cycling The Cape Rouleur, that's 600km and over 5000m of climbing in just 3 days - we don't think he knows about this bit yet, so please keep it quiet.

In June he'll be doing the Avenger 1/2 Triathlon with a bit of racing thrown into the mix too while his season finale will once again be The Alpine Challenge in September.  One of the stronger riders at our HQ as you can see above.

Tom - a recent convert to the world of cycling after a lifetime of football and singing.  He still does those things too but we don't hold it against him.  Tom threw himself in at the deep end in 2012 by taking part in the RIght to Play Liege-to-London ride just a few months after joining the team at Wattbike. Riding 100 miles per day on three consecutive days is a challenge for anybody but in true Tom fashion he came out of it with a beaming smile (and a very sore body).

Tom will be joining Rich on The Cape Rouleur at the start of March and has been frantically training since Christmas on his Wattbike to ensure he's in the best shape possible.

Matt - that'll be me, regular blogger and regular cyclist,  I've been riding for as long as I can remember. In 2012 I completed The London-Paris and The Alpine Challenge alongside some UK sportives.  I surprised myself on L2P 2012 with how my body coped with consecutive long days in the saddle. I'm aiming to move up a group (or groups?) for L2P in 2013.

This year I'm following a more structured training programme which, for the first time, includes some strength and conditioning sessions to compliment my Wattbike and road work. Strength and conditioning is definitely not my strong point, I knew this as I ditched weight after weight from the dumbells a few weeks ago.  Often referred to as 'Legs of Steel' by the rest of the Wattbike team, in an ironic way. Obviously.

Keep an eye on the blog for regular updates from members of the team, we'll be sharing our training sessions and we hope you will too.