8 Tips to Improve Your Pedalling Technique

If you’ve identified an issue with your pedalling technique, or you’re confused about the shape of your Polar View, there are a number of things you can do to improve. Read on to find out our top tips and quick fixes.

8 Ways to Improve Your Pedalling on an Indoor Bike

1. Get to grips with your pedal stroke: your pedal stroke can be broken down into four key phases, as seen below. Better pedalling technique will lead to more efficient, faster cycling and a better form. The more you concentrate on it the easier it gets.

2. Check your position. Bad positioning is often the culprit behind an odd looking Polar View. Ensure your smart bike is set up correctly with the saddle in the correct place before you get started.

3. Apply even force to your strokes. Try to use each leg evenly. You should be aiming for a 50/50 split across both legs, although anywhere in the optimum range is between 48 and 52. 

4. Unless the training plan you’re following tells you to, try to avoid maintaining a standing position whilst you’re on the bike. It makes it difficult to maintain power through the top and bottom of your pedal stroke.

5. Check you’re using the right resistance setting. If your Polar View is in the shape of a figure of eight, your resistance may be too high. 

6. Try a cycling effectiveness workout. This will ensure you’re fully focusing on your technique for the duration of the workout as you can watch your Polar View at the same time. It’s easier to hold a good shape on the harder gears, so begin with the lightest gear available and then only when you have mastered that move up to the next gear ie: 

1 minute focus on shape / 2 minutes easy pedalling x 6-10 

2 minutes focus on shape / 2 minutes easy pedalling x 5-8

3 minutes focus on shape / 2 minutes easy pedalling x 4-6

7. Experiment with your cadence and resistance. This will help you develop your technique across all terrain.

8. Keep practising! Dedicating a session a week to actively focusing on your pedal technique will make a huge difference in a short amount of time.

Understanding Pedalling Technique with Wattbike

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