Wattbike: Cycling's Unrivalled Innovators

For those eagle-eyed among you, you may have noticed that the Wattbike homepage has changed. A new video and a countdown. But a countdown to what?

At Wattbike we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cycling innovation when it comes to indoor trainers and we guarantee that this countdown will have the same final result when it reaches zero – an unrivalled new product born out a rich cycling history.

With a vision to create the ultimate indoor bike, Wattbike achieved that goal in 2008 when we launched our first product at the Track Cycling World Championships. At that point, and still to this day, Wattbike is the only bike ever to be endorsed by British Cycling.

Wattbike has moved into the world of elite sport becoming ingrained into the top national governing bodies of various sports from athletics to football, rugby to sailing. Wattbike has played a pivotal role in the showcase events of the sporting world. Wattbike’s were embedded in both the New Zealand and British Lions camps in the most recent prestigious rugby tour and helped Emirates Team New Zealand change the sailing landscape in the America’s Cup.

Despite success in the sporting arena, Wattbike’s core is cycling. In 2015 this was further strengthened by a UCI deal to place Wattbikes in the World Cycling Centres across the globe to help in the search for the next generations cycling talent. With the Power Test Protocol developed by Wattbike, identifying potential athletes has become easier and, importantly, standardised around the world.

The Wattbike appealed to the UCI for its amount of accurate data, and more importantly the use of that data. Wattbike are unrivalled in both aspects. And, with the Wattbike App, this data is available to all.

“One of the reasons for the Wattbike App was to unlock the data that is in the monitor,” said Wattbike’s Head of Digital, Andy McCorkell. “We wanted something accessible and having the App on a phone, which nearly everyone has, meant we could unlock the data but also move it to a cloud-based system. 

“This was important as it meant no matter what bike you used you had your data available to you. It also meant it could be sent to other Apps like Strava or TrainingPeaks. It was all about freeing the data.”

Wattbike believes that Apps will play a major role in cycling and fitness going forward with the immense power available to all in the palm of your hands. So, taking advantage of the data generated during every Wattbike session and the power of the mobile device, the innovations continue.

“In the tech world, and the environment we live and work in, changes happen drastically and frequently so you need to keep up and keep moving forward. We generate a lot of data and content and we need to make sure that we present it to the end-user in the best way possible – Polar View is a great example of this.” 

As well as bringing workouts, climbs and tests to the App users, Polar View has also had a makeover with the introduction of the Pedalling Effectiveness Score – or PES for short.

Quite simply, PES is a numerical value with a colour coded system that helps improve efficiency when cycling. The science behind is anything but simple though with Sports Scientist, Dr Barney Wainwright, the man behind PES, delving deep in to the Wattbike data files to establish the next innovation. 

“It’s something that we have been looking at for a long time. We knew that we could do it, but we needed to be confident that the score had the accuracy that Wattbike demands. 

“There was a theory. University testing around the theory. Data information points. Thousands, hundreds of thousands even, of pedal revolution data points which Barney used to refine his model. Then human testing at Wattbike HQ. Refinement. More testing. More refinement. Then when it was ready we still had to present it to the end-user in a way they could consume it easily and properly.”   

The Wattbike App continues to grow with the innovation and accuracy that everyone has come to associate with the Wattbike brand. PES is a perfect example of this. An innovation that is well researched, data-driven, simple for the end-user, but most importantly only added to the list of Wattbike offerings when it is completely ready and satisfies the high standards expected.

Apps in general will have a huge part to play in the future of exercise and the social side of cycling. Zwift. Sufferfest. TrainingPeaks. Connectivity is becoming more and more commonplace. Wattbike, as cycling’s innovators, have recognised this, and something new is coming to change the game for the indoor trainer. Something that will push the envelope. Something that everyone knows has been researched and tested to the highest standards. Something that is worthy of the Wattbike name.

The countdown is on. Head to our homepage and be the first to find out what it means to be unrivalled.