Introducing: the Wattbike Digital Education Platform

September 02, 2020 3 min read

Wattbike has been offering world class training and education to gyms, leisure facilities, studios, sporting federations, elite sports teams, and individual athletes since 2010. Our high calibre education content has been created by our internal education team with support from Wattbike sport scientists and Master Trainers.

In 2020, we are updating our education offering to better reflect the current needs of the health and fitness industry and to support our global growth; and we are excited to introduce the Wattbike Digital Education Platform.


In 2014, we reviewed our workshops to meet the growing demand from the industry; choosing to offer the Foundation Workshop, the Fitness Assessment and Testing Workshop (FAST), and our iconic Small Group Training Workshop (SGT). All Wattbike education was delivered face to face in every facility that requested training, always delivered by our highly knowledgeable and experienced Master Trainers.

Our education has ensured that members, clients and athletes around the world can achieve their goals fast with innovative sessions and thought-leading sport science. Courses have covered all topics from bike setup to fitness testing, with timings ranging from one hour to full day sessions, to make sure we have an education solution to suit every need.


As Wattbike has continued to grow and expand globally since 2014, we wanted to upgrade our current education offering to make it more accessible on a global scale; so anyone could gain valuable Wattbike knowledge and learn how to maximise their use of the best conditioning tool in the world. The current pandemic has further shined a light on some of the gaps in our current education offering, as face to face training was, and still is in some cases, simply not a viable option in some areas.

To better support the global health and fitness industries, our global network of distributors, and our larger territories such as Australia and USA during such unprecedented times, Wattbike are incredibly excited to announce our new Digital Education Platform as the perfect solution.

The launch of our digital education platform will offer Strength & Conditioning coaches, personal trainers and class instructors the ability to immerse themselves in Wattbike education remotely from anywhere in the world; covering everything from bike setup, fitness testing and small group training.

George Caines, Wattbike’s Education Lead comments: “Our new digital platform is the go-to knowledge centre for beginning, or refreshing your Wattbike education. Rich in expert content; featuring videos, slideshows and module-based tests, the platform allows for self-paced learning accessible from anywhere on phone, tablet or computer.”


Wattbike DNA and accurate data is at the heart of everything we do. So although our course offering may look slightly different, you can be assured that it contains everything you need to know about each Wattbike and how to best use it for different client cases and scenarios. We have online courses, digital hybrid courses combining online learning and virtual one-on-ones with our Master Trainers, face-to-face workshops on site, and also bespoke workshops tailored to individual needs.


Each course will empower individuals to learn about the Wattbike Polar View, Pedalling Effectiveness Score (PES), how to adapt loading and resistance to help clients reach their individual goals, how to use each Wattbike for specific scenarios and client case studies, whilst also recapping the innovative features and benefits of the Wattbikes as well as important maintenance points.

“Our highly knowledgeable and experienced Master Trainers can cover an extensive range of topics and applications for the Wattbikes.” Caines adds. “Contact us today to become a certified Wattbike expert so you can redefine your indoor cycling and improve the performance and health of your clients and members.”

The new digital platform is now live and courses are now available to start. In addition to the Wattbike Digital Hybrid Course, the free Foundation Workshops, and Small Group Training Course, Wattbike also offer bespoke workshops suited to each site’s individual needs.

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