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Power your performance with our free training app and access over 100 workouts, plans, tests and challenges to enhance your indoor training.

Measure and track your progress with data that's important to you, including unique analysis of your pedalling technique and effectiveness. It's your perfect at-home coach.

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Getting started with the Wattbike Hub

Navigate through a simple tutorial to personalise your training experience, get connected, and learn the tips and tricks of the Wattbike Hub.

From telling us your training goals and setting your FTP, to connecting to your favourite apps and perfecting your bike set up, the Wattbike Hub is the best partner to kickstart your indoor training. 

Shifter on the Wattbike AtomX

Your at home coach

Launched in May 2022, our new Wattbike Hub home screen brings to life your indoor cycling experience.

We’ll recommend featured workouts to enhance your training and make sure you’re the first to know about new challenges as soon as they drop.

Choose up to 4 personalised stats to display on your profile e.g. FTP, w/kg, no. of sessions - so you can measure and track your progress with data that’s important to you.

Workouts tailored to you

No matter what your training or fitness goals are, the Wattbike Hub can get you there. With more than 100 sessions ranging from workouts, climbs, training plans and performance tests, every ride will improve your performance in real time and give you the data you need to make every session count.
Shifter on the Wattbike AtomX

Feel the resistance

The Wattbike Atom has two modes - Gear and Ergo. This offers up to 22 gears to adjust the resistance, each replicating the feeling and sensation of riding outdoors. Resistance and power output can be controlled manually in gear mode to simulate gear changes and gradients of between 0-25%.

Alternatively in Ergo Mode, the target power is pre-programmed to auto adjust which is great for those HIIT or time-crunched sessions. Let the bike take control, leaving you to do the hard work.

Pedalling Effectiveness Score (PES)

Concentrate on your pedalling technique and you’ll be a better cyclist. It’s that simple.

On the Wattbike Hub, you will see our unique industry measurement, Pedal Effectiveness Score (PES) combined with Polar View technology, which helps you analyse your pedalling technique specific to each leg, and more importantly, recognises where you can make improvements. It’s like having a personal coach at home!

Customise your virtual gearing

Together with the Wattbike Hub app, you can choose your preferred gearing from a range of options and customise your shifter setup.

Choose from 5 different groupsets: compact, semi-compact, climbing, 11 speed or 22 speed, and personalise your shifter configuration to suit your riding style.

It's like having your own pro tour mechanic at home.

*Compatible with Wattbike Atom (Next Generation) and Wattbike AtomX.

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