Personalised Cycling Workouts: How to Create Your Own

January 10, 2024 3 min read

Personalised cycling workouts make your indoor and outdoor cycling training even more effective. Unlock your potential with the ability to create your own workouts, export them to your favourite cycling apps, and smash your goals.

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3 Benefits of Tailored Cycling Workouts

A customised workout means you can focus your training on the areas that matter the most to you. Combining your favourite exercises with your indoor bike trainer can help you see the benefits of indoor cyclingreach your goals, and perform better out on the road. 

The benefits of creating your own workout include:

  1. They’re tailored to your goals - You’re able to train in your own unique way with a customised workout, because it’s personal to which segments of each indoor cycling workout you prefer. 
  2. You can stick to your own fitness level - It’s important that you aren’t tempted to push yourself too hard. This can lead to the signs of overtrainingrisk of injury and could mean you aren’t race-ready when your sportive comes around. Creating your own personalised workout means you can adjust the level to suit your ability.
  3. You’re in control of your training - Cycling is a very personal sport, though you may enjoy riding in groups, you’re the one making the pedal revolutions. Staying in control of your training is important to reaching your goals, whether you’re training for sportives or wanting to improve your fitness. 

The Wattbike Atom smart bike is the essential training partner to complete your personalised exercises with. You’ll have access to live cycling data that’s read 1000 times per second, with ±1% accuracy and an increased power range of 0-2500w. 

Wattbike’s Personalised Cycling Workout Builder

Though our indoor cycling app, the Wattbike Hubis free, with 100s of workouts available, you now have the option to subscribe to Hub+ and unlock premium features, including a personalised cycling workout builder. 

Easily create your own workout with Hub+ and get pedalling immediately. 

  1. Ensure you are subscribed to Hub+ in the Wattbike Hub cycling app.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Workout Builder’ option.
  3. Select ‘Add’ to start building your personalised cycling workout.
  4. Pick and add your segment blocks - warm up, ramp, intervals, building blocks, cool down
  5. Edit each block to your preferred Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Threshold Heart Rate, cadence, and duration
  6. Name and save your workout.
  7. Complete your new custom workout.

Not only that, you can share custom workouts with friends or coaches straight from the app. You’re also able to export your personalised workout to Wattbike compatible training apps.

You can trial the Hub+ free for 30 days, then roll on to a monthly (£7.99) or annual (£79.99) plan.  

Workouts Designed by World Class Coaches

The workouts available in the Wattbike Hub have been designed with world class coaches and athletes, to help deliver the very best in indoor cycling. Our custom workouts cater to all the aspects of cycling training you need. From the best core exercises for cycliststo workouts for weight managementfind workouts dedicated to:

  • Warm Up/ Cool Down - to maximise your training aspect
  • Endurance - Allows you to push harder for longer
  • Speed - Designed to help you improve responsiveness
  • HIIT - Short, high impact sessions for the time-crunched cyclists
  • Climbs - Take on the world’s best climbs, hills, and cycling routes

The athletes and coaches who have helped design their custom exercises include Loughborough University Cycling Programming Manager, Dave Nichols PhD and All Blacks Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nic Gill.  

Set Personal Performance Targets in the Wattbike Hub

Personalisation isn’t just available on subscription. Our cycling app also features unique ways to tailor your training, for free. With this tailored approach, as an indoor cycling beginner or an experienced cyclist, you can get the best of Wattbike.

You can personalise your indoor cycling experience to suit your fitness level:

  1. Take performance tests to benchmark your ability.
  2. Use your test results to find your ideal training zones
  3. Choose workouts or training plans based on your targets.

Our training plans offer the chance to work towards your personal fitness goals, with a virtual personal coach in your pocket. You can stay on track of your targets and ensure you see the benefits of training with a plan.

Train Smarter with Wattbike

At Wattbike, we’re dedicated to providing the very best indoor bike trainers to support your performance. If you’re looking for advice on what to eat after cycling and how to improve your endurancewe’ve got your back.

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