Getting fit by 40 with Simon Hooper

Earlier this year, keen cyclist and influencer @Father_of_Daughters, aka Simon Hooper, upgraded his indoor training set up from a turbo trainer to the Wattbike Atom smart bike to hit one specific be the fittest he’s ever been before he turns 40.

Leading a busy family life with four daughters, keeping fit and getting out on his road bike is sometimes a difficult task. Simon needed an indoor training set up that gives him a personalised bike set up, accurate data insights, live pedalling technique feedback while also being super convenient.

In a recent instagram post Simon said:

“Previously I was using a turbo trainer with my bike attached, but using a dedicated smart bike has driven me further than I thought possible, and also freed up my actual bike, meaning I could get out on the road to mix up my training.

The training programmes in the Wattbike Hub app have improved my pedalling technique and pushed my goals - I've learned more about my own body than I ever knew before.”

Inspired by the Tour de France, part of Simon’s training consisted of climbing up Alpe D’Huez on the Wattbike Hub app in his lunch break. Using the latest feature on the Wattbike Hub training app - customising your gears and shifter configuration - Simon conquered the 13.59km climb with an average gradient of 8% in just 48 minutes.