Mykonos Performance Revolutionizes The Athlete Retreat Concept

February 21, 2024 3 min read

Mykonos Performance stands as a premium destination, offering top-tier training, rehabilitation, and performance amenities within a picturesque backdrop that boasts panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Serving as a home away from home for athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, it provides an ideal environment to elevate performance, all while ensuring a stylish and comfortable experience.

Mykonos Performance Gym

Founded in 2016, and run by practitioners with a specialisation in sports-specific exercise, this premier facility warmly welcomes elite athletes from across the globe. It redefines the concept of warm-weather, off-season training, and rehabilitation, setting new standards in the industry.


Jordan Demetriou, Head of Performance at Mykonos Performance explains; “My professional journey began in the UK, specialising in elite football as a Sports Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation and Performance coach. The vision of establishing a warm-weather training concept has long been an aspiration, driven by the increasing demand among elite athletes to optimise performance year-round, including during the off-season."

“I envisioned that this location would provide an ideal blend of a vacation setting for athletes, while also allowing them to focus wholeheartedly on their training requirements, whether performance-driven or rehabilitation-focused. The rapid growth of Mykonos Performance has turned it into a globally recognized concept for off-season training. During each summer season, we consistently host 90-100 athletes, marking a testament to the success and appeal of our unique approach.”

Building on the success of the initial launch, Mykonos Performance expanded its offering to include a wellness boutique hotel, Charisma, within the same complex. This evolution aims to provide a comprehensive 360-degree experience for not only elite athletes but also for fitness enthusiasts. While there is increased traffic of elite athletes from May to July during the offseason, the resort has now become a sought-after destination for a diverse range of individuals, including creatives, wellness enthusiasts, and holidaymakers throughout the entire summer season.

Mykonos Performance purpose-built gym boasts state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with a diverse range of leading fitness equipment, featuring a mix of Wattbike Pros, Trainers, and Nucleus. As Jordan explains, "Having extensive experience with Wattbike in the elite sports sector, I can confidently say that nothing rivals Wattbike in terms of accurate testing, immediate feedback, comfort, durability, and the authentic feel of a real ride. It stands out as an exceptionally impressive training tool and is essential to our training approach."

“Nothing comes close to Wattbike when it comes to accurate testing, immediate feedback, comfort, durability and the real-ride feel.” Jordan Demetriou, Head of Performance, Mykonos Performance

“The Wattbike proves immensely beneficial for athletes, particularly in rehabilitation or off-feet conditioning. It allows athletes to minimise leg impact while still focusing on enhancing their cardiovascular ability.”


Having worked extensively within elite sports, the team has cultivated trust among visiting athletes and their teams. This trust has resulted in ongoing business opportunities driven by the powerful word-of-mouth referrals within the extensive network of elite sports.

Mykonos Performance Wattbike

Mykonos Performance has been the choice of elite athletes from some of the world's most prominent teams. Notable individuals who have used the facilities include Manuel Neuer, Alphonso Davies, Jamal Musiala, and Jerome Boateng from Bayern Munich, as well as NBA Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler. Additionally, we've had the privilege of welcoming Eduardo Camavinga from Real Madrid and Manchester City players Jack Grealish and Jeremy Doku.

“In particular, Manuel Neuer left a lasting impression with his remarkable performance on the Wattbike," Demetriou remembers. "He engaged in lengthy, challenging Wattbike sessions lasting 35-40 minutes, all the while maintaining a perfect 50/50 distribution across his right and left leg output. It's an extraordinary feat; I've witnessed individuals sustain this balance for perhaps a minute, but never over an extended session!”


Mykonos Performance takes pride in avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. The success of its methodology lies in comprehending the unique physiological needs of each athlete in advance and tailoring a personalized program specifically crafted to suit the individual.

The team envisions expanding the Mykonos Performance and Charisma Wellness Resort model to additional locations, including residential areas. This expansion aims to offer a more frequent opportunity for clients to use the facilities regularly, providing an accessible and consistent experience.

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