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The first major Wattbike Atom firmware update has arrived.

June 14, 2019 1 min read

V1.02.00 (Atlas) makes changes to the Atom smart bike’s ergo and gear algorithms for an improved ride experience. Based on user feedback, and in our pursuit for continuous improvement, we’ve paid particular attention to resistance when using ride simulators such as Zwift. The update also improves sensor connectivity for Bluetooth and ANT+ heart rate monitors for easier pairing.

The core of this update has been tested by our beta user group, and feedback has been fed into the Atlas firmware.

To experience our latest firmware, just connect your Wattbike Atom to the Wattbike Hub and start a ‘Just Ride’ session. This will prompt the automatic update.

If you’re currently using the beta firmware you can continue to use this without updating if you wish; the new beta firmware has some further tweaks and fixes.

There is a requirement for Polar H10 users to update their heart rate belts for them to work. To do this, followthese instructions.

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