Make it 'appen: Using the Wattbike and Zwift to reach your goals

June 05, 2019 2 min read

Training apps are becoming more and more varied in terms of what they offer, so whether you want to race through virtual worlds or find a way to structure your training plan, there’s an option for you. But sometimes too much choice can be daunting and it’s hard to know where to start. We asked members of our Wattbiker tribe about their favourite apps, and how the Atom’s unrivalled connectivity is helping them achieve their training goals.

This week we spoke to Phillip, a father of two who works for a bank and lives in central London.

Hi Phillip, how long have you been a Wattbike user and what drew you to the Wattbike?

"I’ve owned aWattbike Atomsince August 2018. I loved using theWattbike Proin my gym but wanted a personal indoor smart trainer to link to apps and improve my cycling fitness. It is really easy to set up and low maintenance - perfect for my needs."

How often do you train indoors?

"I train indoors four times per week."

What makes indoor training a crucial part of your routine?

"I live and work in central London, plus I have a family. My hours are long and I need the convenience of getting on a bike and having a hard training session early in the morning before work. At weekends it takes too long to ride out of the city and the traffic is dense, so I prefer to train and race indoors at the weekend also."

Which app do you use to supplement your training with?

"I use theWattbike Huband Zwift."

What drew you those two?

"I love the accuracy of the data on the Hub, and the ability to focus on how to improve pedalling technique. The tests are great, and the ERG mode provides good training sessions. Given the heritage with British Cycling, you know you are getting a quality session in.

Zwift is a community and an excellent racing environment. It’s a perfect fit with the Wattbike, because it is super easy to connect via an iPad. All I have to do is jump on, warm up and train or race. The training programs are great on ERG mode, and the racing caters for all abilities and is super hard and super fun!"

How has the combination of Wattbike Atom and Zwift helped you to reach your training goals?

"My goal is to improve my power and speed on the bike. The Wattbike Hub ensures that my pedalling technique keeps improving, and the data is intuitive and well presented.

Zwift complements the training with a range of different training sessions and the racing is great to build fitness. Zwift replaces the need to join an outdoor cycling club."

What is your favourite in-app workout?

"For climbing I’d say Alpe d’Huez on the Wattbike Hub or Alpe d’Zwift. Also racing."

Looking to kickstart your training? Purchase the Wattbike Atom and receive free lifetime membership to the Wattbike Hub, plus free trials to a number of training apps, including FulGaz, TrainingPeaks and Zwift

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