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England Rugby: Powered by Wattbike

March 14, 2024 3 min read

In the heart of competitive sports, where every second and every watt counts, England Rugby has taken training precision to the next level with Wattbike. A recent behind-the-scenes glimpse into their training camp in York during the Six Nations' fallow week showcases not just the grit and determination of the players but also the innovative approach to conditioning that sets England Rugby apart.

Watch O2 Inside Line – This Rose – York Week

Under the watchful eye of Aled Walters, the head of strength and conditioning, the squad underwent a series of challenges designed to push their limits and enhance their performance. Walters, who joined the England set-up from Leicester Tigers in the summer of 2023, has been instrumental in applying his vast knowledge to prepare the team for the Six Nations campaign.

The Training Philosophy

"The main objective is to realise where the players are. What do they need? Do they need an element of freshness? A bit of work?" These words by Aled Walters encapsulate the tailored approach to training, focusing on the individual needs of each player to optimize their readiness for competition.

The Challenge

A standout moment of the training camp was the open session where the squad faced a unique challenge: two 3-minute tests on the Wattbike, aimed at measuring and improving their average power output. Walters introduced a competitive edge by setting up a leaderboard, urging the players to "stop thinking too much about it... and f***ing pedal." This challenge not only tested their physical prowess but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and competition among the team members.

Forward Ollie Chessum emerged as the standout performer, astonishingly generating an average of 520 watts in his first attempt and 471 watts in his second three-minute test, showcasing the incredible power and endurance these athletes possess.

The Victory That Followed

The hard work and dedication paid off splendidly, as the England team secured a victory over Ireland in the game following their training week in York. This win was a testament to the effectiveness of their preparation, with the final matches of the Six Nations on the horizon, including a highly anticipated showdown with France.

The Three-Minute Test: A Challenge to All

As England Rugby continues to harness the power of Wattbike in their training regime, they set a benchmark for precision, power, and performance. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the challenge awaits. Are you ready to test your limits and see how you stack up against the best?

Remember, preparation and safety are key. Warm up thoroughly, ensure you're fit for the challenge, and perhaps, step into the shoes of an England Rugby player, if only for a test.

It offers a personalised workout regimen through the Wattbike Hub App by estimating your Max Minute Power (MMP) and Max Heart Rate (MHR), which are vital for tailoring your training sessions for optimum effectiveness.

A Personalised Training Journey

Upon completion of the 3-minute test, the Wattbike Hub App automatically updates your MMP and MHR, and if you use Functional Threshold Power (FTP), this will be updated as well. This personalised approach ensures that your training sessions are not just effective but also evolve as your fitness and ability improve, allowing for continuous tracking of your progress.

Embrace the power of Wattbike, and push your boundaries further.

For more insights and training programs from Aled Walters, check our Leicester Tigers mini series here

Important Disclaimer: Ensure you're fully warmed up before starting the test, accompanied for safety, and aware of your watts per kilo ratio to maximize your training efficiency.

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