Performance On & Off The Field - Leicester Tigers Miniseries

May 16, 2024 3 min read

In the hugely competitive landscape of Premiership rugby, every edge counts. Behind the scenes at Leicester Tigers, one of England's most prestigious rugby clubs, at the heart of their training is the innovative use of Wattbike technology. We caught up with Strength and Conditioning Coach Will Findley and discussed how Leicester use the bikes to get the most out of their players on and off the field.



Integrating Wattbike for Peak Performance:

When speaking with Will he let us in on how the Wattbike is not just another tool in their arsenal — it's a cornerstone of their training program.

"We use Wattbike across various parts of the program, to impact performance on the field. From recovery post-game to targeted off-feet conditioning blocks, the Wattbike allows us to make sessions competitive, within both team and individual settings."

"It's not just about pushing players to their limits; it's about strategic utilisation of the bike. Whether it's flushing out fatigue after a game or pushing the boundaries of physical limits in preseason to be at our best, the Wattbike ensures that players are primed for peak performance come game day."

The Wattbike ensure that players are primed for peak performance come game day.

Bridging the Gap Between Bike and Field:

Metrics matter, especially when they translate directly to on-field success. We asked Will what the specific metrics were they really find important that have a true representation of playing the game.

"The importance of peak and average power outputs is a key indicator of sprint and aerobic performance. We feel that when looking at our data we focus primarily on these two metrics when planning sessions to really crossover onto the pitch. So that we can get the most out of players' maximum sprint power output and aerobic power."

Peak and average power, we focus primarily on these two metrics to crossover onto the pitch.

By focusing in on these metrics, Leicester Tigers can tailor their training to build the explosive power and aerobic fitness necessary for rugby's demands. The Wattbike Hub App allows them to program sessions effectively to elicit the adaptations and focus on the outcome they want from the training. The seamless integration of Wattbike technology into their training programs allows the coaching staff to fine-tune workouts for maximum effectiveness.  

Empowering Injured Players Through Rehabilitation:

Injuries are an unfortunate reality in any sport, but Leicester Tigers let us in on how they don’t allow it to derail progress.

"Thanks to the versatility of the Wattbike, injured players receive targeted conditioning even when side-lined from play. The Wattbike allows our injured players to get targeted off-feet conditioning stimulus when they are transitioning back onto the field."

"The Wattbike can be used to substitute both central and peripheral demands for our injured players. Often, we will use Wattbike when a player is transitioning back onto the field, especially with players needing modification to on-field load. We will use the Wattbike to top up players needing relevant energy system development without loading the tissue as it would if they were to run, minimising on feet load."

Another benefit of the Wattbike features, is that it can measure any discrepancy from right to left. Giving an insight into the stage of where a player is at in their recovery when trying to get an injured lower limb back to 100% of the non-injured limb.

Tailoring Sessions for Backs and Forwards:

Rugby is a game of diverse roles, each with its own unique demands. We asked Will to shed some light on how training sessions are tailored for backs and forwards, reflecting the distinct challenges faced by each position.

"The demands across Forwards and Backs differ greatly on the field. For instance, in a repeat sprint session on the bikes, adjustments are made to suit the specific needs of each player. We may alter the resistance on the bike, with Forwards working at a higher resistance while Backs are on a lower resistance to encourage a faster cadence and challenge them to get the RPM up as high as possible. This is one of the many approaches that are possible to ensure that every player receives targeted training that directly translates to their performance on the field."



As Leicester Tigers continue to strive for peak performance on the pitch, their dedication to using technology and innovation sets them apart. Through the strategic integration of Wattbike technology, guided by the expertise of the coaching staff they have, they can maximise the potential of the team going forward to next year’s season.

If you're interested in training like a professional rugby player? 

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