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Ride the 2022 Giro d'Italia from your Home

May 06, 2022 4 min read

Climb the Giro

This May, we’re excited to bring you, Climb the Giro, on the Wattbike Hub. A category dedicated to eight of the iconic climbs featured in this year’s Giro D'Italia stages in the Grand Tour.

Do you love a Grand Tour climb and ready to tick a few more off your bucket list?

From Mount Etna (Stage 4) to Marmaloda (Stage 21), and everything in between, Climb the Giro will be a true test of your determination, endurance and wattbiker mentality, to conquer some of the hardest Italian mountains, virtually from home.

Complete all eight climbs and you’ll be entered into a prize drawer to win a Wattbiker bundle (ft. Floor mat, HR strap and water bottle) and £100 Sigma Sports voucher.

Are you Giro ready? #ClimbTheGiro #Wattbiker #Giro

How to get involved

  • Fire up your Wattbike Atom smart bike
  • Connect to the Wattbike Hub and go to >Workouts > Climb the Giro
  • Complete all 8 climbs by 29th May 2022 to be entered into the prize draw. After the Giro, the climbs will be moved to the Grand Tour category
  • Make sure you upload your session on social media and tag us @Wattbike #ClimbTheGiro


Here is an overview of the 8 virtual climbs in the Climb the Giro category:

Stage 4: Mount Etna - Sicily, Italy

The southern slopes of active volcano Mount Etna feature as the finale of Stage 4 of the 2022 Giro d’Italia, retracing parts of the 2017 and 2018 route. You’ll pick up the climb north east of Ragalna near the peak of Monte San Leo at 1,198m / 3,930ft above sea level and finish just before Nicolosi Nord.

With an average gradient of 7.1% you’ll gain 805m / 2,641ft of elevation over 11km. While the gradient remains relatively consistent, expect to top out in excess of 15% while tackling this famous Sicilian landmark.

Stage 9: Blockhaus - Abruzzo, Italy

Blockhaus features as the summit finish of a gruelling Stage 9 in the 2022 Giro d’Italia.

Starting in Roccamorice 40km inland from Italy’s east coast, this Hors Categorie climb will see you gain 1,513m / 4,964ft of elevation over 18.7km as the road twists and turns through numerous hairpins. With an average gradient of 8%, look out for gradients in excess of 24% in the earlier half.

Stage 16: Mortirolo (Monno)- Italian Alps, Italy

The legendary Passo del Mortirolo features in Stage 16, the scene of countless battles for the Maglia Rosa.

You might be tackling the ‘easier’ Monno side but there’s a difference between ‘easier’ and ‘easy’! You’ll be climbing 921m / 3,022ft over 12.6km at an average gradient of 7.3%. Look out for the final 2.5km where things start to get really fun as the gradient nears 20%.

Stage 16: Santa Cristina: Sondrio, Italy

Valico di Santa Cristina is the 4th and final climb of Stage 16, the backdrop asIl Pirata’s famously attacked Miguel Indurain and Evgeni Berzin in the 1994 Giro.

Beginning at Tresenda, Santa Cristina will see you gain 979m of elevation over 12.9km of narrow winding road at an average gradient of 7.6% with gradients reaching double digits and getting particularly challenging in the final kilometres.

Stage 17: Menador - Trento, Italy

In the closing kilometres of Stage 17 drops down to Caldanazo before riders tackle the final climb: The Menador or Monte Rovere.

Carved into the mountainside during World War I, Salita del Menador twists and turns through 716m / 2,349ft of elevation gain over 7.7km at an average gradient of 9.9%. The penultimate kilometre promises the toughest test with gradients well into double digits. You might not get the stunning views of Lago di Caldonazzo but you can sit back and enjoy your recovery while the stage contenders battle it out on the descent to the finish line in Lavarone.

Stage 20: Passo Pordoi - Trento, Italy

The Cima Coppi (highest point) of the 2022 Giro d’Italia, Passo Pordoi features on Stage 20. A mountain pass located between the Sella and Marmaloda groups of the Dolomites , Passo Pordoi reaches2,239 metres / 7,346 ft above sea level.

You won’t have to battle the high altitude but you will gain 767m / 2,516ft of elevation over 11.3km at an average gradient of 6.8%, on a road which takes in nearly 30 hairpins!

Stage 20: Passo San Pellegrino - Trento, Italy

Located at the midpoint of Stage 20 in the 2022 Giro d’Italia, Passo San Pellegrino passes between the peaks of Cima Uomo and Col Margherita, reaching 1,918m / 6,293ft above sea level.

You’ll be tackling the final 5.5k, gaining 487m 1,598ft of elevation over a gradient averaging 8.8%. Get ready to start hard as the opening 2.5km has some of the toughest gradients as the road loops through a series of hairpin bends before easing up for (most of) the remaining 3km.

Stage 21: Marmolada (Passo Fedaia) - Veneto, Italy

The final mountain stage of the 2022 Giro d’Italia finishes at Passo Fedaia near the highest peak of the Marmaloda, a fearsome glacial battleground during the First World War.

Beginning in Caprile, this 13.4km mile Hors Categorie climb takes in a huge 1,027m / 3,369ft of elevation gain at a gradient averaging 7.6%. While the first 8km is manageable things really kick up as you pass Malga Ciapela and the final 5km features some long sections of double digit gradients before snaking to the finish line.

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