How often should you cycle to stay fit?

Whether you’re an avid cyclist, fitness enthusiast or keen environmentalist, spending time on two wheels has its benefits. Whatever your reason for using a bike, you’re likely to have noticed significant improvements to your fitness. However, as the dark nights draw closer we know it’s hard to keep cycling over the winter. Enter: the indoor smart trainer! If you’re limited by lack of time and daylight then the Wattbike is looking like your new best friend. Here’s how many times you should be cycling per week if staying fit is your goal.


Just because you’re indoors and not on the road for eight hours doesn’t mean you can’t train to increase your endurance. In fact, you’re much more likely to have a more targeted session by only training for an hour. Your endurance session should be a non-strained effort over flat terrain or non-climbing session, at a smooth high cadence. If you’re just starting out, incorporating this session into your training routine will also help you get used to spending time in the saddle and allow you to work on your position.

We recommend Building Blocks or Eat the Elephant on theWattbike Hubto get started.


Adding a steady climb into your routine will allow you to improve your muscular efficiency. If you’re on theWattbike Atom, give Box Hill or Monte Grappa a go. If you’re using aWattbike Pro or Trainer, you can mimic a climb by turning up the resistance. Aim for between 30-60 minutes; you should be breathing deeply and only managing to get a couple of words out if you’re working hard enough.


We recommend getting in at least one HIIT session a week. If you’re really short on time, the above sessions can be broken down into a couple of 20-30 minute HIIT sessions. These sessions will involve short stints of hard effort, working at 100% of your FTP. No doubt you’ll suffer, but the session will boost endurance, fat burn and improve your general fitness all at the same time, so it’ll be worth it!

There are a number of HIIT sessions available on the Wattbike Hub ranging from four minutes to an hour-long, so there will be a session to fit into any routine!

Feeling motivated?Download the Wattbike Hubto get started.