National Fitness Games partner with Wattbike to challenge the nation’s fittest

May 21, 2019 2 min read

The National Fitness Games (NFG) takes place across three venues over five days, and sees teams of four battle it out across the NFG’s signature workout zones: velocity, force, strength and endurance. Partnering with industry-leading sports facilities Loughborough University, Surrey Sports Park and BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, the National Fitness Games provides competitors with an opportunity to test their fitness in three world-class venues against the best in the nation.

For the first time in the history of the games Wattbike was announced as an official partner this year and athletes got a chance to test their mettle on a specialised NFG Wattbike workout at BodyPower Expo in Birmingham. After two gruelling workouts athletes had to smash out some watts in the Force Zone workout:

  • 500m on a Wattbike smart bike trainer
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 plate touches (floor to overhead)
  • 30m sled push (30kg for women/50kg for men)
  • 5 x 30kg stone throw over wall + jump to collect
  • 30kg bag drag back to start of the course

The team who achieved the most rounds in 20 minutes were declared winners of the workout. On this particular workout Team HSTL solidified their lead in the men’s elite competition, and Team WhatTheFranIsCrossfit took the win for the women which brought them up the leaderboard to sixth place.

Sean Rice, National Fitness Games Commercial Partnerships Manager, states: "as the leading team-based fitness competition, NFG prides itself in working with other premium brands in the industry. Our partnership with Wattbike provides an exciting opportunity for us to accurately test each of our competitors’ best performance through the ultimate indoor cycling experience that each power trainer provides. We are excited to welcome Wattbike as a partner and look forward to showcasing the versatility of their equipment through our unique and challenging workouts.”

The National Fitness Games offers teams the opportunity to compete in four different categories: men, women, mixed, or as masters, with four people in each team completing four workouts per event. The different workouts have been designed by industry experts, and are designed to suit anyone - so technical lifts or movements such as muscle ups, rope climbs or snatches will not be included, making this event accessible to any fitness fan.

If you are keen to get a piece of the action, why not sign up for the next two events! (No previous experience necessary).

8 June: Surrey Sports Park

7 September: Loughborough

Find out more about theNational Fitness Games, and claim your free spectator tickets for theSurrey eventand theLoughborough final.

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